House Cleaning and Your Pricing

Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly cleaning

Whether weekly or monthly cleaning is what you need, we can accommodate your needs and your budget.

The more often we clean your home, the cheaper it will be.  Prices drop by 25% or more!

First time cleaning is always more as we spend more time in the home

For a house under 1000 square feet:


For a house between 1000 and 2000 square feet:


For a house between 2000 and 3500 square feet:


For a house above 3500 square feet:


Move in and Move out

Are you moving?  We can help with the clean up.  We do move ins and move outs.  

Call for pricing

General Clean

-Full cleaning of  bedrooms

-Full cleaning of bathrooms

-Kitchen cleaning

-Dusting of entire house

-Emptying of garbages

-Vacuuming/sweeping of entire house

-Mopping of entire house

Ad Ons

-Blinds: $10 a small set, $15 a big set

-Interior oven cleaning: $50

-Interior fridge cleaning: $40

-Mattress cleaning: $20 a mattress

-Disinfecting kids toys: $50

-Mattress flipping: $20 a mattress

-Interior window cleaning: $5 a small window, $10 a large window

-Interior cupboard cleaning: $100

-Pantry cleaning: $75

-Window tracts: $5 a window